Ginger Beer Kit

Do you want to make your own yummy, bubbly Ginger Beer?

Of course you do! And it is really easy with Ginger Bear's special Ginger Beer Brewing Kit!

A fun kit

In the kit you get all the ingredients you need to start making your Ginger Beer.

It couldn't be easier! Also included is a booklet. Ginger the Bear and his friends talk you through each step of how to make your Ginger Beer and it also contains some interesting and fun facts on Ginger Beer. 

All you need to supply are bottles, plastic ones are great, sugar and about 20 minutes of your time.

For a quick look at the booklet check it out on YouTube at

In this short video I give a run down on what is in the kit and how to make the Ginger Beer

"It was quick and easy and tasted delicious. It was easy to follow the steps." – Devon aged 10.

Getting started

Once you get your Ginger Beer Brewing Kit, you will start off your Ginger Beer by adding the 'starter sachets' to 1 cup of water in your jar. Then you feed it every day with ginger and sugar (supplied) for 8 days and then mix as per the instructions. Bottle your Ginger Beer and yummy fizzy Ginger Beer will soon be ready to drink!

Here's how to start the ginger beer plant


Its kids play ! Fun and educational too !

Kids love it! Younger kids will need supervision but older kids can do it themselves - imagine the feeling when they open their first bottle and it fizzes up!

Fantastic as a gift, or a project to do with your kids - they are learning and having fun at the same time.

Ginger Bear says

"When you have made your ginger beer - why don't you send me an email and tell me just how yummy and fizzy it was. I might even put your words on the website."

A fun fundraiser for your school or club

If you are looking for a fundraising idea for your school or club, how about Ginger Beer Kits? It is different, educational and fun too. Please contact me on Freephone 0508 467 462.

Our guarantee

If you buy a kit and after following the instructions the Ginger Beer just doesn't work, contact us and we will send you out a new starter pack of ingredients - absolutely free.


Kit price NZD$25.00 incl GST and Postage in New Zealand.
 - Kit includes - starter, ginger and sugar for feeding plant, dried lemon, muslin cloth and booklet with instructions (everything to get you started)

Recipe NZD$5.00 incl GST -  this will be emailed to you as soon as you have completed payment.

                     Ginger Beer Recipe

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For more information please phone us on Freephone 0508 467 462 or email your question to us on the form below:

Ginger Beer FAQ

Is the Ginger Beer made from a ‘plant’ or ‘bug’?
Yes, the kit provides a starter to make the plant/bug, you feed this every day for 8 days before making the Ginger Beer.

Is the plant one that you can keep making more Ginger Beer?
Yes, once you have made the Ginger Beer, you divide the plant into two and you can then feed both plants, throw one away or give it to a friend.

Is this a yeast based Ginger Beer?
Yes, the starter is made from yeast.

I remember making Ginger Beer as a kid but the bottles exploded!
Many of us have fond memories of Ginger Beer bottles exploding and making a mess.

We recommend you bottle your Ginger Beer in plastic bottles (old soft drink bottles work well). You can see if the bottles are expanding too far. If you open the lid and release some gas you can retighten the lid again and the Ginger Beer will keep it’s fizz. When bottling the Ginger Beer we recommend keeping a gap of at least 3cm to allow the gas to form.

How will I know when my Ginger Beer is ready to drink?
When you first make the batch and bottle it, the bottles will be very pliable. Over the next few days the gas will start to form in the bottle and the bottle will gradually get harder. When the bottle is very hard to squeeze it is ready to drink.

Why does it take longer for the bubbles to form in different batches?
Every batch is different, which is what makes Ginger Beer so much fun. Some brews will be ready in about 5 days, others will take a few weeks. Air temperature makes a big difference. Making sure you feed the ‘plant’ correctly is vital, if it wasn’t quite ready to be bottled it will take longer to ferment.

What if I want to go away on holiday or for the weekend?
You can leave your Ginger Beer plant in the fridge for about a week. The cooler temperature slows down the fermentation process. Bring it out again when you get home and continue to feed the plant as normal until you see a few bubbles rising from the ‘plant’.

If I already have a few bottles made and don’t want to make any more for a week or two, what can I do with the ‘plant’?
You can give it to a friend to make a batch or simply throw away the ‘water’ on top, divide the plant and keep feeding it as normal. You don’t have to make your brew if you aren’t ready for it yet.

What is in the kit?
Jar, muslin cloth, rubber band, starter kit packets, ground ginger, sugar, dried lemon powder.

If I have questions when making my Ginger Beer can I call you?
Absolutely, we stand by our product and are happy to answer any questions - freephone us on 0508 467 462

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